Monday, October 14, 2013

New Projects

  • Fracking in the U.S. 
  • North Carolina Voter Empowerment 
  • Listening Projects in Kenya, Africa 
  • Responding to Domestic Violence in Nevada 
Our nationwide campaign on fracking is gaining steam.
A southwest Michigan fracking campaign is developing with a regional coalition. One of the leaders in this evolving coalition attended Herb’s Listening Project workshops at the People’s Institute at Circle Pines in Michigan. This organizer is a strong advocate for putting Listening Projects at the center of the coalition’s efforts to facilitate effective community responses to fracking.

North Carolina Voter Empowerment Listening Project 
We are planning a non-partisan effort to provide state residents with the opportunity to examine and respond to actions of the 2013 NC Legislature on issues of economic security, education, public health, and voting rights. We seek to empower voters in these areas of concern.

Responding to Domestic Violence in Nevada 
We are helping the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence apply a Listening Project to their vital work that saves lives and opens doors to a new life. At their site, NNADV reports 15,167 contacts with victims of domestic violence in a three-month period.

Listening Projects in Kenya, Africa
Kenya TATUA wants to train their organizers to use Listening Projects and Facilitated Group Listening in their efforts to empower economically impacted communities in Kenya that are experiencing ongoing ethnic tensions.

Top: Tatua Kenya team members enjoy a BBQ together one Saturday.
Below:  Kenneth Chomba, Tatua Kenya Field Manager, teaching at a training at Nyumbani Children’s Home.

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